HDB++ installation

Hi, I am trying to install HDB++ in Ubuntu.
Is there a guide?
I have seen this page:

I was reading that a debian package was planned. is it available?


We actually do our own packaging from sources to use the latest versions, there are some packages available at https://bintray.com/tango-controls/debian

libhdb++6 hdb++mysql hdb++es hdb++cm libhdb++mysql6

But, they are a bit old and do not contain the latest updates/bugfixes, although they should be valid for a test

I do not know if the configuration GUI is included there, maybe somebody from ESRF could paste here the link to the java application.

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Thanks, I will try them.
I'm a disaster.:'(
Is there a installation guide for dummies?
I found a old guide of 4 years ago, but I suppose that it's not valid.
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Hi, I don't think we have an installation guide…
What problems did you run into ? you could install all the packages ? which backend do you want to use.

I am not necessarily familiar with the debian packages, as the preferred method to install is via the project:
It lets you build and run hdb++ with timescaledb backend. But you would need to compile every component for yourself and it is a bit messy at the time being. So let's focus on the packages first.
Here is an Ansible role file that I'm using to install HDB++ on Debian 9 host.

Example script files for last step:
hdb configurator - https://gist.github.com/Diego91RA/478135eb958090efb1fa0a3e66388fa7
hdb viewer - https://gist.github.com/Diego91RA/826de0c9943adb80ff63144fc994b26e

If you are not familiar with Ansible, it is quite easy to do all this step-by-step manually.
Pay attention that most repos are my forks, Damien mentioned the reason above.
Thanks for your replies.
I found this old guide:

Is this guide still valid?

I have installed tango 9.3

I want to use MySql as backend.

I have a problem to compile hdb++cm, I have this error:
" error: \u2018string_free\u2019 is not a member of \u2018Tango\u2019
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For your use case (MySQL backend), this guide still seems to be mostly valid (the location of the source repository is obviously wrong).

There are probably some obsolete items there since this guide was already old at the time of the post you found.

About the Tango::string_free error, Tango::string_free was introduced in cppTango 9.3.2
So, which exact version are you using?

If you're using a recent version of cppTango >= 9.3.2, you need to ensure that the include files used for the compilation are really the ones coming from the expected cppTango version (do you have several versions installed on your computer?).
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(do you have several versions installed on your computer?).

I installed Tango using official repository of ubuntu and so I have tango 9.2.5.

I will try to reinstall it in a fresh installation
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