HDB++ - Events error

I have problem with configuration of the hdb++.
First error, is connected with events.
I set period time for archive event at 60000 ms for attribute what I want to archive and for second attribute to 2000 ms. Always archive event in my system coming after 10s. I tested it from hdb configurator and data are written to mysql db exactly for this time (10sec). I don’t know why.

Second error is in hdbviewer application. When I set the archive attribute to paint in the chart. The application shows error:
"HDB getData failed
Failed to get data" Unkown colum 'error_desc' in 'field list'”

if you are getting data archived at 10s intervals it could be because events are not being sent for some reason. 10s is the time interval at which heartbeats are sent. If events are not working but the device server is working you will get a value every read (and therefore sent) every 10s. I suggest we try to find out why events are not working. What is your TANGO_HOST setup i.e. where is the device server running and what is TANGO_HOST set to?


About the second error related to error_desc field, this is due to the fact that hdbviewer is not yet supporting the DB schema from the latest version of HDB++-MySQL.
A new DB table has been introduced in recent versions of HDB++-MySQL.
We'll post a message here as soon as this is supported in hdbviewer. Sorry about that.

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