First Steps with TANGO at Windows 10 Pro. Questions to DataBaseds and Astor

Dear community
We are considering using TANGO at our institute and I am in the process of learning the system. I want to set up a test and development environment on a Windows 10 Pro PC and follow this installation instruction. The TANGO version is 9.2.2. MySQL Server is 8.0.6.

I am working from a user account. Should / Must Tango be installed from an administrator account?

If DataBaseds is running as a service, jive is not able to connect to DB.
The settings done in nssm are:
2 -ORBendPoint giop:tcp:10000
it is correct?

: (corresponding to the settings in MySQL)

How can I see that the service started without error?

If I run start-db.bat, Jive finds the DB.

I continue to follow instructions. I start Astor and create a host. When I enter localhost for host and do an doppelclick, I get the message "starter is not running on localhost"….
When I enter the full name of my PC: Astor seems to start himself and hangs at startup screen.
When I restart Astor, it hangs also.
After deleting the entry in Jive->Server->Starter Astor can be started again.

Where am I going wrong and how can I continue with the installation guide?

Maybe one more note, I want to start with a simple Tango system on a single PC. Astor is a tool to manage multiple PCs, if I understand correctly. Is there a tutorial that is more in line with my intention?

Best wishes,

Just to be clear, did you specify System variable named TANGO_HOST (usually with value like
Running Jive directly with the provided BAT file will use this variable to "find" the tango database.
Runnig the start_db batch files also uses this same variable which may explain why jive succeed to connect to the tango database that way.

If I'm correct, the way your service running DatabaseDS is configured will makes the connection to the tango database possible on the port 10000 instead of the usual 20000. To test that, with the empty jive window, you shall be able to do Edit->Change Tango Host where you can use and check if your service really works or not.

About your Starter issue, I do not understand exactly what you did and then what may cause the issue.

To use multiple computers, you only need a few extra push. Nothing fancy. on a second computer, perform the same install (to get the same tools like Jive and Astor) but this time, the TANGO_HOST shall be set to point on the computer that hosts the tango database (and obviously, computers shall be on the same network) and add at least one starter on that computer which will be responsible of the start of the devices on that computer.
Guillaume DI FRANCO
Thales - Software Engineer Manager
Hello Hiro,

thank You very much for Your reply. I apologize for my silence, because I have not received email notification about activity on this post…

First of all, some good news, I was able to create a starter "p4keal" in Astor. This is the short name of my computer. With this it was possible to start test servers as described.

I defined port 10000 according to the installation guide and env var TANGO_HOST=localhost:10000 but in fact I am confused about 20000 and 10000. Does Tango need more than one port? Is one of the two hard coded somewhere?

In order to reproduce the behavior described: I deleted the starter p4keal from JIVE and tried to create a new one with full computer name: Also
Astor -> Command -> Add a new Host
Astor hangs when I click on create. You can see the SS of this in the attachment at the beginning of the conversation.

Does Tango use IPv6 under the hood? I ask this because when I ping p4keal, the host responds with V6 address and in case of full DNS name with V4 address.

When I add a new host named "localhost" and try to start the starter:

C:\Program Files\tango\bin>start-starter.bat localhost -v1

I get an error message: "This server must be running on localhost and not on p4keal". I have assumed some mismach in Tango DB, deleted and recreated DB again, but the behavior remained the same.

Well, I think I can continue now smile, but I would like to understand what is the difference between host localhost, shortname and longname from TANGO point of view?
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