Error while installing tango-db from repository, Ubuntu 16.04

Perhaps someone knows how to resolve the following issue:

Please help!
Hi Igor,

I remember there was a bug report by Claudio concerning changes to mysql default values. I have not been able to find it but maybe you can compare the file in the package to the latest one on SVN:

Or you can try to use the source code release. Maybe the debian packages don't include the fix.

Sorry I cannot provide an easier solution for now.

I just found the commit when this was fixed. It is commit r29137 :

It was fixing bug 755 which indeed was related to the default value for accessed (inter alia) :

Strangely enough this bug was for another problem but the default value was changed at the same time …

I don't know how to update create_db_tables.sql in the stable debian package. Maybe you can try the experimental package:

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