eGiga2m Installation

Hi all,

FYI, i have dowloaded and installed, on my Linux, the web graphic data viewer eGiga2m from GitHub :

Following, i give the different operations i did for well running.

- According the installation recommendation :

in the apache server folder, configured the 2 files:

- Not in the installation recommendation :

move and rename the 3 files from ./lib/service folder to ./ :
renamed and edited the path of the included ./lib/service/*_conf.php :

I am actually testing for different HDB and TDB bases.


it seems some additional operations need to be executed after following instructions of
We do not know if we have well guessed these operations.
Perhaps also we have missed the installation guide, is there such a guide available for eGiga2m ?
- Philippe
I don't think that suggested actions are necessary.
The only constraint may be given by CORS ( ) but this implies only the same domain, so the path doesn't need to be modified.
Hi Lucio,
when looking into the eGiga2m files, I noticed that :
  • eGiga/egiga2m.min.js contains
    but no plot_service.php file exists into eGiga2m directory and subdirectories (same remark for treeService and exportService). Is is possible one would have to modify this to
    for HDB/TDB for example?
  • eGiga/egiga2m.js contains
    var plotService = './plot_service.php?conf=';"
    but same remark applied here (same remark for treeService and exportService). Is is possible one would have to modify this to
    var plotService = './lib/service/hdb_plot_service.php?conf=';"
    for HDB/TDB for example?

It is written into instructions one need to configure ./egiga2m_conf.js and ./lib/service/*_conf.php
I understand for HDB/TDB databases, one need to modify only ./egiga2m_conf.js and ./lib/service/hdb_conf.php files.
Could you confirm this?

I installed a new eGiga application on a computer following the instructions.
When loading localhost/eGiga2m/egiga2m.html page, I got a window without any data into ul.fancytree-container below stop button (see attached screenshot):

Is it possible there would be other files to configure?
Thank you,
- Philippe
Edited 3 years ago
The plotService variable is overwritten by function initConf() in file ./egiga2m_conf.js but this function is executed only if you call eGiga2m using a "conf" parameter (and you can leave it empty). I.e. you are supposed to use an URL like this: https://<your_path>/egiga2m.html?conf=
So in my opinion the problem is that I implicitly assumed that you used the "conf" parameter in the user browser.
I will remove this assumption and I will make the default consistent ASAP.
Sorry for the misunderstanding and thank you for the debugging
I precise that i use either HDB or TDB.
And according the installation recommendation in, in the apache server folder, i modified only the 2 files:
1) ./egiga2m_conf.js
2) ./lib/service/hdb_conf.php

It does not run when using the URL like this :

Can you help me ? please.

Following are extracts from the 2 files i modified. I can also send join the differences between original files and updated files, obtained with the commands diff and patch.


function initConf(conf) {
// hcExportService = "";
if (conf=='config_1') {
plotService = "./lib/service/plot_service.php?conf=config_1";
treeService = "./lib/service/tree_service.php?conf=config_1";
exportService = "/var/www/html/eGiga2m/eGiga2m-master/lib/service/export_service.php?conf=config_1"
else if (conf=='config_2') {
plotService = "./lib/service/plot_service.php?conf=config_2";
treeService = "./lib/service/tree_service.php?conf=config_2";
exportService = "/var/www/html/eGiga2m/eGiga2m-master/lib/service/export_service.php?conf=config_2"

// this is the default configuration, comment it if unnecessary
// plotService = "./lib/service/plot_service.php?conf=";
// treeService = "./lib/service/tree_service.php?conf=";


if (isset($_REQUEST['conf'])) {
if ($_REQUEST['conf']=='config_1') {
define("HOST", "localhost");
define("USERNAME", "hdbbrowser");
define("PASSWORD", "hdbbrowser");
define("DB", "hdb");
define("DBTYPE", "hdb");
// define("LOG_REQUEST", "../../log/config_1.log");
if ($_REQUEST['conf']=='config_2') {
define("HOST", "localhost");
define("USERNAME", "tdbbrowser");
define("PASSWORD", "tdbbrowser");
define("DB", "tdb");
define("DBTYPE", "tdb");
// define("LOG_REQUEST", "../../log/config_2.log");

Hi Lucio,

I'm trying to check eGiga logs and I did this define, but it doesn't seem to work:

define("LOG_REQUEST", "/tmp/log/egiga/hdbpp.log");

Apart from that, is it possible to plot together data coming from different databases?
(e.g., pressure from one database and current acquired from other database)


Keep on dancing,
Edited 2 years ago
Hi Sergi,

The LOG_REQUEST management is almost trivial.
If you grep LOG_REQUEST in all files in folder lib/service you can easily detect where the log is generated even if you don't know PHP.
Of course you must have a version updated of folder lib/service.

The support of multiple databases is only a wish. But you can consider the possibility to split in 2 the screen and plot each database in a different chart. (this is an automatic feature in eGiga2m)

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