Debian tango-db package does not install mysql-server

The TANGO Debian/Ubuntu package "tango-db" which installs the TANGO Controls database needs the mysql database server but does not have a dependency on mysql-server package. This will mean the package cannot be configured correctly and the TANGO database will not run.

If you have not installed mysql-server on your system then please do so before you install tango-db :

sudo apt-get install mysql-server

Then install the tango-db package:

sudo apt-get install tango-db

If you have already tried to install tango-db and the configuration failed because mysql was not running then simply run the install command above again. It will configure the TANGO database.
Just for information,

tango-db just need a connection to a running MySQL server during its installtion.
This is why it depends only on mysql-client.

Indeed if you do not have a running MySQL server you need to install one before installing tango-db.
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