Connecting DeviceServers


I'm a research student and trying to setup a small controll system with tango, but i have some problems with it.

After finding out, that there are different versions and tutorials out there, i decided to use the VirtualMachine (which is provided over your website) to get in touch with tango.

Now i'm trying to setup a DS on another VM and trying to monitor its value (used the same MyTemperatureSensor Class from the tutorial).

The point is, how do i add this Device Server in the first machine to monitor it with jive?

I hope you understand what my problem is.
Maybe you have some tutorials for me. I found serveral documents on the web, but nowhere it's described how to do this - or am i looking in the wrong direction and have to focus at CORBA and how to configure it first?


Best regards

Hi Wahid,

this is the kind of tutorial we do with students so it should work. Typically you decide to run the TANGO database on the first VM and then set the TANGO_HOST on the second VM to point to ip address of the second VM. When you start jive on the second machine you see the devices of your first VM including the TemperatureSensor class. You can then monitor it. If you want to monitor it from another device server you have to create a DeviceProxy to connect to the device on the first VM. You can use Python or any client to connect to the device on the first VM. That is the recipe however a few things could be causing your problems:

(1) are both VMs running on the same physical machine? You then need to assign them different ip addresses.

(2) some of the TANGO concepts are still not clear to you. Have you read the manual and tutorials online?

(3) under no circumstances do you have to understand CORBA. TANGO completely hides CORBA from the user. If you are trying to understand CORBA then you have misunderstood TANGO. CORBA and ZMQ are used only as protocols on the wire but they are kept hidden from the user and device server developer.

Hi Andy,

thank you for your help and your advice with the host-name.
Now I'm able to monitor the temperature-sensor value from every VM with TANGO :)

My Problem was, that I didn't set the IP-Address of the DS as TANGO_HOST, instead I used the computer name (I thought there could be any kind of names translation in this CORBA thing… but now i that i don't have to care about CORBA….).

But now I have another question:
For example: I have one VM which will be used from an Operator, just for monitoring some values. How can i add different DS to this machine?

When I use the IP-Address of one DS as TANGO_HOST to monitor it on the operators VM, how can I add 2 or more DS?

and BTW: do you suggest any manual / tutorial, which is up to date?

Thanks a lot!
Best regards

sorry, that was a nooby question :P

TANGO_HOST only defines the DB-Server where my DSs have to subscribe, so every DS in my Control System attached to the Network is possible to use this TANGO_HOST and i can manage or monitor them with jive…..

Now everything looks much easier then before….
Best regards

Absolutely! Great that it works and you have understood the concept smile


concerning your request for which tutorials and manuals you should read I propose the ones on the website:


Especially the TANGO manual and the Device Server Guidelines.

You can get an overview of all the parts of TANGO from this map:

The links are broken and will be fixed but for the meantime it is useful to give you an overview to know what all exists in TANGO.

Have fun with your project!

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