Compatibility Tango 9, Tango 8

I wonder if tango 9 is compatible with tango 8.
I've got a tango db which runs on Ubuntu 14.04 with Tango 8.
My devices runs on the computer A with Windows 7 and tango 9.1.
I want to run my GUI on the computer B with windows 7 and tango 8.
My devices run well on computer A (device green on astor, and no error on jive).
On computer B astor tells me no stater runs on computer A and for jive the devices are not exported.
What's happend?

Hi Mickael,
backwards and forwards compatibility is supported between all versions. So in your case there should be no issue. I can only think that on computer B you have specified the wrong TANGO_HOST or there is a problem connecting via the network between the two.
Can you tell us more about your computer network setup?
Hi Andy,
You were right, it was a bad network configuration. The computer A is a new computer, so the firewall wasn't well configured.
Thanks for your help.

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