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Hi All

Could anyone please share the link to download alarm suite for alba or guide me to connect to the appropriate person ?
Please do help as its necessary for my project.

Thanks and Regards
Dear TCS-GMRT team,

I would guess the appropriate person is Sergi Rubio Manrique according to the papers and presentations we can find on the web.
If I were you, I would try to contact him or David Fernandez.
ALBA phone book

If you have no success on this forum, you might also give a try on the Tango mailing list but please be aware that many people are on holidays at this period of the year!

Best regards
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Hi "TCS_GMRT" team,

The information to download Panic is available in the old Tango Site:

There you'll find the repositories to download the code and links to the existing guides/presentations.



Keep on dancing,
Just updating this topic with the current link:
Keep on dancing,
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