A beginners install guide to Tango Controls & Friends (written by noobs)

Hi !
our lab works on small-scale lasers and we decided two years ago to base our control/command software on Tango Controls & Friends. A laser installation is typically, for us, less than 50 devices servers (temperature, vacuum, motors, camera), a tango server, a control/command station.
It's a tiny installation (for a tiny team : we are only two mates). We will repeat this pattern in each next lasers of our lab.
We are always almost true beginners and, thanks to the community, we plan to start a real application in six months.
Then, it's a work in progress : you'll find our lively notebook (more notes than exactly documentation) at :
Feel free to correct it ;)
Hope it helps
Best regards.
Romain & Pierre

Hi Pierre and Romain

Thanks for writing it up and sharing! If you like, you could propose a PR in https://github.com/tango-controls/tango-doc so that it is also linked from the official Tango Documentation.



Thank you for this message that will help me in my first steps in Tango Controls.

There is a lot of information available about Tango Controls. I am looking to download the source code and I would like to clone a git repository. I see two possibilities:
  1. GitLab
    git clone git@gitlab.com:tango-controls/TangoSourceDistribution.git tango-controls
  2. GitHub
    git clone https://github.com/tango-controls/TangoSourceDistribution.git tango-controls

The first one requires an authorization.

The second one downloads well. A 'git branch' in the GitHub repository indicates that the current and unique branch is moved-to-gitlab. It seems explicit that the answer to my question is 1 (GitLab).

What is the correct procedure to get permission to clone from GitLab? How long does it take to get it?

Best regards,
Hi Romain and Pierre,

Thank you for your procedure to build Tango from the source code.
However it does not work for at least six months.
See ticket Issue #100 (Install fails due to lack of java packages) for more info.

Best regards,
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