[Tango REST API] Database endpoint

The Tango REST api does not define anything to access the database without to know exactly the name of the database device i.e sys/database/2
It would be great if the client application can just call a endpoint like /database à la pytango.smile

Reference: https://github.com/MaxIV-KitsControls/mtango-py/issues/5
Vincent Hardion
Control System
MAX IV Laboratory

I am not sure REST can get a reference to database. Could you please provide a guideline how it is done in Python?

Feature will be useful no doubts.
Hi @ingvord,

I means just a way to access the Database device without to know the name i.e sys/database/2

A way would be to link /tango/rest/rc3/hosts/computer/10000/devices/sys/database/2 to
/tango/rest/rc3/hosts/computer/10000/database (of course sys/database/2 can be something else)

or that

GET /tango/rest/rc3/hosts/computer/10000 gives the name of the database.

{ …,


But it's maybe probably the responsibility of the client application to do that.
Vincent Hardion
Control System
MAX IV Laboratory
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