tango-ds Repo at SF

Dear all,

I was a bit shocked when I found the repo on sourceforge empty today, with one of the last commits reading: "[r28382] last commit before git migration"
Do I get this wrong and it has only to do with the recent technical problems at SF, or did the repo really move? If it has moved, where to? I found something at gitlab.com, but there where only very few device servers.


Btw: The repo itself (svn.code.sf.net) still seems to be alive. But the code browser at the portal is empty.
Edited 5 months ago
Hi Jan,

I found the device classes are still online here:


Take a look and see if you find what you were looking for. I hope it is not lost.


Hi Andy,

thanks for the reply. Meanwhile everything seems to be back online. So it has obviously been a technical issue.

Hi Jan.

I would advise you to head over to Tango Control's Gitlab repositories. We have moved there over two years ago. The DeviceServers can be found there: https://gitlab.com/tango-controls/device-servers

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