No Heartbeat from dserver/hdb++es server TangoBox9.2_RC11

Hi, I am new to Tango Control. I downloaded TangoBox-9.2_RC11 and I want to try HDB++.
I want to store the attribute of sys/tg_test/1 to the MariaDB in "tangobox-hdbpp" but
encontered the problem about "No Heartbeat from dserver/hdb++es server".
I don't change anything but execute some command "docker start tangobox-hdbpp" ,"docker start tangobox-archive",and "docker start tango-sim"…

Can anyone help me to solve the "No Heartbeat from dserver/hdb++es server" problem? It seems that the Event System broken in my TangoBox.

The related imformation as attached picture.

Please help me in resolving the issue.

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Hi Ryan,
looking at your error logs seems you're not receiving events from the TANGO test device as well. You may want to check the consistency of hostnames and TANGO_HOST env variable across your deployment.
Thank for your replying!
I changed the TANGO_HOST from "tangobox-vm:10000" to "TangoBox-VM:10000".
And then, TANGO_HOST in "tango-cs@tangobox-vm" and "root@tangobox-hdbpp" are the same now.
But it does not work and I still got "No Heartbeat from dserver"

Please tell me what else that I should do to relove this issue.

The related imformation as attached picture:
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Well, network names are supposed to be case insensitive (even if good practice requires to use lower case for hostnames/domainnames). Thus, that is likely not to be the problem. I've just downloaded and quickly tested the TangoBox 9.2 RC11. The archiver device starts when you start the container (thus it is not showing the error you listed), but it is not archiving. The archiver is in ALARM State and reports issues subscribing to the tango://tangobox-vm:10000/sys/tg_test/1/ampli archive event. Unfortunately, the docker container is really essential (well, size is more than 700 MB…) and there not much to diagnose. Maybe the container experts can help.
Hi Ryan,

It looks like you are the first (or the first reporting event issues) to try to use HDB++ on this TangoBox because as you noticed, events do not work properly on this VM.
The TangoBox 9.2RC11 is the first TangoBox using extensively docker to deploy the different services and device servers.
There is a big drawback with this solution because the network configuration is quite exotic due to that, compared to the use cases which were considered when Tango was originally developed.
This TangoBox has a big number of network interfaces with funny names (compared to the good old ethx) and its network configuration is not using domain names.
TANGO_HOST is declared with some upper case letters and I would not be surprised to still find some bugs in this situation even though as Lorenzo wrote "network names are supposed to be case insensitive".

I think there are also some issues in the way the Tango Database server is started too.
When you execute DbGetCSDbServerList command on sys/database/2 device on this TangoBox, in my case it returns:
which corresponds to network interface enp0s3 in my case.

If you start the Tango Database server with the following command line instead ( corresponds to TangoBox-VM in /etc/hosts):
/usr/local/bin/DataBaseds 2 -ORBendPoint giop:tcp::10000 -ORBendPointPublish giop:tcp:
then DbGetCSDbServerList command on sys/database/2 device returns:

which is much nicer because the result of this command might be used to build the heartbeat message.
Starting the TangoDatabaseDS server this way solved some heartbeat problems issues with the hdb-configurator GUI in my case but there were still some other critical issues with the way the TangoBox is configured…
So my advice would be: don't use it right now to play with events because the Box requires some proper tuning for the events to work properly.
There is some ongoing work to try to fix this kind of heartbeat problems with the event in this kind of situation… so things will hopefully get better in next Tango versions.
There is obviously some work to try to fix the current TangoBox network configuration so events would work properly on this TangoBox.
I created this issue to keep track of the problem you reported:
I will create some other issues because it looks like the installed HDB++ SW does not seem to work as expected (maybe because incompatible versions were installed?)…
Thanks for reporting the problem.
Kind regards,
Rosenberg's Law: Software is easy to make, except when you want it to do something new.
Corollary: The only software that's worth making is software that does something new.
Hi Lorenzo and Reynald ,
thank for replying!

Okey, I will stop trying to use the TangoBox 9.2RC11 to play with events related works.

Thank for providing these important information about heartbeat message(it really help me a lot!).
Best regards,
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