How to start a Device Server?

Hello everyone,

I'm quite new in programming and a total newbie in Tango, so forgive me if my question is straightforward.
My setup is: Windows 10, tango 9.2.2
I have successfully installed Tango and have the TangoTest up and running. My problem is when I try to run the PowerSupply server from the PyTango documentation ( I register the device server in Jive but I don’t know how to start the server. I try to run the “python test” command but there is no response.
In Jive the Device Info shows this:

- Device Info —————————————-

No IOR found in database for test/power_supply/1
(Maybe, the device has never been exported…)
Server: PowerSupply/test
Exported: false
last_exported: ?
last_unexported: ?

- Polling Status ————————————-

Desc -> test/power_supply/1 Not Exported !
Origin -> Connection(test/power_supply/1)
Desc -> Cannot import test/power_supply/1
Origin -> Connection.build_connection(test/power_supply/1)

So from my understanding, do I need an executable to be exported? And to put it in the same folder I have the TangoTest? If so, how is an executable for the device server being created?
Thank you
Hi Eva,

As far as I remember pyTango was not installed automatically with Tango 9.2.2 Windows installer.
Did you install pyTango too?

With Tango 9.2.2, I think you would need to install a pytango 9.2.x version to get a compatible version.

If you still have some issues, please report them here and some pyTango experts might be able to guide you.
You would even have more chances to reach a pyTango expert when posting on the python section of the forum:

I contacted several pyTango experts and they are now aware of your problem.
Some of them should be able to help you next week if you still have some issues.

Hoping this helps a bit.

Kind regards,
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Hi Reynald

Thank you for the reply, I just checked my installations and I made a mistake before, I have Tango 9.3.3 and PyTango 9.3.1 and Python 3.6.8 if that makes any difference.

I will post my question on the section you provided.

Thank you,
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