Hi, guidance needed in setting up Modbus device server


After downloading the devices Modbus class from https://www.tango-controls.org/developers/dsc/ds/318/, i setup the directory structure as in the website. After setting up, i wanted to make a exectuable file called Modbus, but when i entered the makefile, i found a MAKE_ENV variable and the path mentioned was not to be found in my system. Is there anything I am missing.??
MAKE_ENV = /segfs/tango/cppserver/env

Till now i followed all the steps mentioned here:https://tango-controls.readthedocs.io/en/latest/installation/tango-on-linux.html#debian-ubuntu
Kindly help me out!
To overcome this problem, I usually recommend to simply regenerate the Makefile (only the Makefile) using POGO to adapt the Makefile to your current Tango installation.
This usually works in 90% of the cases where the Makefile has not been modified too much by the device server programmer.
I recommend to then compare the newly generated version with the previous one and to add the compilation targets and options which might have been added by the device server programmer.
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Hi, alternatively to Reynald proposition, you may change to:
MAKE_ENV = /usr/share/pogo/preferences

This is the place were the .opt files are located if you have installe https://people.debian.org/~picca/libtango-java_9.2.5a-1_all.deb package.

All the best, Piotr
Thank you Reynald! I was able to solve the issues with the makefile using your method.
Ty Piotr!!
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