Getting device attributes outside of Jive or Waltz

Hello everyone!

I am still kinda new to Tango Controls even though I started to explore it last July. I would like to be able to get device information outside of Jive or TangoWebapp. For example, I run a device, and then would like to get its attributes and print on a web page (I understand that this is what Waltz can do, I would like to understand how to write this functionality). In this case, how can I retrieve these attributes?

Actually, my final intention is to be able to update device information in real time using WebSocket API, and I know that WebSocketDS already exists, but I need to start somewhere to understand how everything works.

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I can give you a short introductionary talk.

If interested, please email me to mail at

Thank you very much! I've emailed to you.
Thank you very much! I've emailed to you.

Hmm… do not see anything
Hmm… do not see anything
I am sorry, I though about emailing through the form at the website. Now I am writing to the address provided.
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