Feature Request 6 Tango Webapp


The first release version-0.1 of TangoWebapp is now available for download

  • Dynamic Device tree
  • Test device panel
  • Editable Device tab (Info, Properties, Attributes config, Events etc)
  • Interactive Monitoring tab, aka embedded ATK Panel
  • Simplified Server wizard
  • Log console

Promotion screenshot:

Implementation progress is now at the point where it can fully replace Jive&ATKPanel (at least for our internal needs at HZG).

Project is hosted in Tango Controls Collaboration bitbucket team's repository. Team is open for new members.

Community's input is welcome: even anonymous issues are allowed. Pull request with new features or bug fixes are especially welcome!
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Hi Igor,

well done on a very nice piece of work indeed! I got it working without much effort. For those of you who are interested you need (at least):

(1) to run Tango with access control i.e. the Tango AccessControl device server needs to be running, and
(2) define a tomcat user who has the role "mtango-rest".

Once these two requirements were met I was able to run TangoWebApp. I will be interested to see how it scales on a big system with a very large number of devices. I already see a number of nice to have features which would be useful e.g. trend plots. I will add an issue for this.

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Congratulations on the implementation Igor. I had a question.. do you believe this implementation can be modified to create other Web UIs for custom dashboards with different Widgets(with Webix or other frameworks). Especially the underlying Platform API and OpenAjax Hub that layers on top of the REST API seems an interesting way to implement an MVC UI. I understand there is a longer term plan for a Tango Web platform (as an alternative to directly interfacing to the REST API) but there doesnt seem to be much information about the roadmap for the same currently.

Thanks and regards,
Hi Vivek,

TangoWebapp is intended to be a platform for Web UIs. Currently one can re-implement the dashboard (FPO from Thales is doing something in this direction). In the future (0.5-1 year) there will be an API for plugins for the existing dashboard (e.g. SKA is currently doing one for Kibana) and also an API for small widgets

Webix will be there unless you want to rewrite almost everything from scratch

Indeed there is no official roadmap right now. Some of my thoughts can be found in this slide


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Hi Vivek,

This is actually possible! We already managed to create custom panel with widgets (simple ones for the moment) on which we can visualize scalar and spectrum attributes.

We are currently thniking on making a back end tango web api, which could be used by web developpers to develop UI.

If you have any idea,don't hesitate to send a message.

Best regards smile

Florian Pourchayre
Thales Group

Another alternative is to use JYSE.
JYSE is a product that allow to build (and share) a web app without coding, from a web browser.
The JYSE Tango connector is using the Tango Rest API.
It has been presented to the Tango community last year at Firenze, and is currently used by the ESRF at Grenoble, France.

I am a new Tango user.
At present what do you recommend me to build a web app?
Hi Salvo,

Welcome to Tango!

I would recommend to use Waltz GUI platform. Starting point is Waltz middleware. Using it you can build applications like Waltz.

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