Error while running HDB++ Viewer


I found the hdb++ Viewer jar file along with the dependent jar files at following link: I am trying to run Hdb++ Viewer using these jars. I am planning to eventually create a docker image of the HDB++ Viewer based on the steps required.

I am following the steps given on the above page as follows:

1. Downloaded following jar files and kept them in a single folder:
1. ATKCore.jar
2. ATKWidget.jar
3. HDB++.jar
4. jcalendar.jar
5. jython.jar
6. jhdbviewer.jar
7. JTango-9.0.3.jar

2. Set $CLASSPATH as follows:
1. export TANGO=/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/JTango-9.0.3.jar
2. export TANGOATK=/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/ATKCore.jar:/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/ATKWidget.jar
3. export HDBVIEWER=/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/jhdbviewer.jar
4. export HDBPP=/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/HDB++.jar
5. export JYTHON=/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/jython.jar
6. export JCALENDAR=/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/jcalendar.jar

rajiv@apurva-pc:~/download_hdbviewer_test$ export TANGO=/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/JTango-9.0.3.jar
rajiv@apurva-pc:~/download_hdbviewer_test$ export TANGOATK=/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/ATKCore.jar:/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/ATKWidget.jar
rajiv@apurva-pc:~/download_hdbviewer_test$ export HDBVIEWER=/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/jhdbviewer.jar
rajiv@apurva-pc:~/download_hdbviewer_test$ export HDBPP=/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/HDB++.jar
rajiv@apurva-pc:~/download_hdbviewer_test$ export JYTHON=/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/jython.jar
rajiv@apurva-pc:~/download_hdbviewer_test$ export JCALENDAR=/home/rajiv/download_hdbviewer_test/jcalendar.jar

3. Set the environment variables for Mysql as follows:
1. export HDB_TYPE=mysql
2. export HDB_MYSQL_HOST=localhost
3. Env variable HDB_NAME is set to 'hdbpp'

rajiv@apurva-pc:~/download_hdbviewer_test$ export HDB_TYPE=mysql
rajiv@apurva-pc:~/download_hdbviewer_test$ export HDB_MYSQL_HOST=localhost

4. Execute the following command:
rajiv@apurva-pc:~/download_hdbviewer_test$ java -DTANGO_HOST=$TANGO_HOST HDBViewer.MainPanel $@

Following error is observed on executing above command:
Can connect to HDB
Failed to connect to MySQL: Access denied for user 'rajiv'@'localhost'(using password: YES)

The same error is observed with HDB_USER=root. I have attached a screenshot of the error.
Can anyone help me with this error?

Apurva Patkar
Edited 1 month ago
Hi All,

The error mentioned above got resolved. Here are the learnings:

1. Previously the environment variable HDB_PASSWORD was set to null. However, in jhdbviewer.jar the HDB_PASSWORD is given some default value.
2. When the following command is executed:
java -DTANGO_HOST=$TANGO_HOST HDBViewer.MainPanel $@

It tries to connect to user 'rajiv' with a default password and command fails with the error saying
Can connect to HDB
Failed to connect to MySQL: Access denied for user 'rajiv'@'localhost'(using password: YES)

3. When I have provided the password for MySQL user 'rajiv' and put the same in HDB_PASSWORD, HDB++ Viewer UI opens on executing the above command.
Apurva Patkar
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