Characters allowed in Tango Device/Attribute names

Hi all,

I've been asked several times to allow dots (".") as a valid character in device names.

My question is … are dots officially allowed? I remember that in Tango 8 database (~2014) the usage of dots and spaces in device names was causing problems on writing/retrieval of properties.

Was this already solved? Which is the list of "officially accepted characters"?

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Hi Sergi,

As far as I know, the only reserved characters are defined in this documentation section:

From the naming schema described above, the reserved characters are ':', '#', '/' and the reserved string is : "->". On top of that, the dbt_update tool (tool to fulfill database from the content of a file) reserved the "device" word

So I think dots are not forbidden in device names but I would definitely avoid spaces and tabs which can be confusing because you might not see them well in jive.
Are there still bugs related to that? I don't know.
Use it if you feel lucky, and report any issue you might encounter! I made a quick test creating devices with dots using jive 7.19 and it seems to work fine.

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Hi, Sergi, we are interested in using dots, thank you for you question. :)
I remember we talked about this with Pascal and Reynald in TANGO meeting in Firenze so the answer of Reynald is comforting.

Thanks guys.
- Philippe
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