Quickest way to write a command line Taurus client

I need to write, for test purposes, a simple command line client to read multiple attributes and Tango commands, exploiting Taurus multi threaded framework.
The application should poll the attributes (or read the commands) with a custom period.

In the example usage below, I used "->" to indicate commands.

./tauruscli sys/tg_test/1/double_scalar sys/tg_test/2/double_scalar sys/tg_test/1->DevDouble(10.0) my/device/x->MyCommand(0,100) […] –period 1000


Hi Giacomo,

In fandango (get last sources from github), it would be like:

#> fandango/scripts/tango_monitor your/device/name/attribute your/other/device/state period=3000

This script will show up any incoming events and, in absence of them, a periodic polling at 3 seconds.

Keep on dancing,

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Hi Giacomo,

First of all, note that taurus does not yet have the concept of "commands". Therefore, Taurus does not provide any optimization regarding tango commands.

That said, a simple approach for attrs would be this

The command monitoring could be added by periodically executing the commands, but as I said, taurus would not add any advantage for that over a pure tango approach.
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