PyTango installation for Python 3 on Windows 10

I have already seen posts here for a similar topic. Still, I feel that my situation is a bit different.

What are the prerequirements for PyTango installation in Python 3 for Windows 10?

I have been using PyTango with Python 2.7 and it works fine here. But now I need to make a Tango Device a WebSocket client and relevant Python libraries mostly work only in Python 3.

Have a Conda environment with Python 3.9 and I was trying to install PyTango with "pip install pytango", .whl file and by referring to PyTango in GitLab. In all of the cases I get the same error messages.

The top of the output in at the screenshot.
The full output for pip install pytango is here:


My wild guess would be is that you bump into the issue similar to this and this

The solution was to use Python 3.6 and Tango 9.3.1

Maybe this helps. If that is so #355 should be reopened


I used it a few weeks ago, but with Python 3.8.9 installed using the exe file from
Then installing PyTango with pip worked well and PyTango itself also worked well.

If you want to use the conda environment, you can also do it as long as you install python=3.8:

conda create -n tango python=3.8
conda activate tango
pip install pytango
Thanks for this tip Carlos.

I just tested it on my Windows 10 and it worked. I needed numpy in my miniconda installation. I solved this with:

pip install numpy

in the miniconda environment.

With this recipe you install PyTango 9.3.3

Hope this helps.
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