pogo for generate python code

Hi, tangoer

I'm currently use pogo-9.4.5, but it not support generate python code for dynamic command, and in generated python code, device derived from Device_4Impl, for support INTERFACE_CHANGE_EVENT, i had to replace it with Device_5Impl handly.

is there a new version of pogo, and where to download it?

another question: how to retrieve device property(or class property) in python?
i had defined a device property in pogo like this:
#    Device Properties
device_property_list = {
        "the number of attribute or command to add",

I want to retrieve num's value in init_device(self) funciton, anyone can give a sample code in python?
Thanks for help
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Hi Jimmy,

You can get more recent versions of Pogo on Bintray:

For instance, you can get 9.6.12 Pogo jar file here:

POGO source code is available on Github:

About the PyTango specific question, I let the PyTango experts help you.
I had a quick look at the PyTango documentation but I didn't find anything in the documentation explaining how to use the device properties in a device server generated with Pogo and using Python language but honestly I didn't look too hard…

On device properties topic, only code generated in PythonHL (High Level API which is more pythonic) seem to be documented on pyTango documentation. smile
So if you're just starting with PyTango, I would advise to generate code using pythonHL since this seems to be better documented.

Rosenberg's Law: Software is easy to make, except when you want it to do something new.
Corollary: The only software that's worth making is software that does something new.
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Hi Reynald

Thanks for help.

I updated the pogo.jar, as you advice i'll generate code using pythonHL.
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