how to start archiving system in PyTango

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to run an attribute archiving system in python.
Can I use only HDB or HDB++ in Python as well?
Can I use only HDB or HDB++ in Python as well?

Not sure what the real question is? If you want to archive attribute values from PyTango, i.e. push archive events for attributes, then PyTango fully supports this. See

Archiving in Tango is mostly executed by 2 C++ device servers, hdb++cm and hdb++es, loading dynamically the c++ library for your DB backend (mysql, mariadb, postgresql, timescale, etc)

What we have in python is an API for configuring the archiving (PyTangoArchiving in python2) and some python tools for extracting data from the archiving (PyTangoArchiving is mariadb-mysql ony; libhdbpp-python/pyhdbpp python3 is the new generic one and supports mariadb, mysql and timescale).

You can find all these libraries, devices, tools in the hdb++ repo:

The docs for HDB++:

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