How to configure Skippy device server for Serial device on Windows

I have a SCPI device on COM6 of Windows 10.
How do I configure attribute properties so the Skippy device server can communicate with this device?

I've never check this device on windows. So I would ask you a few precheck to know if the computer can access the instrument.

Just use a python interpreter to import serial and build a Serial object with the parameters to reach the instrument. Things like baudrate, wordsize, parity, stopbits that are usually setup in a serial line.

Then in this object you should be able to send an identification command. Something like 'serial_obj.write("*IDN?")' to then readline() and see if the identification is what you expect.

Then, to use the tango device server you would only need to use the properties of the device to specify the serial line configuration and say the 'com6' in the instrument property. The communications builder may reproduce the serial communication you tested first so then export the device in Tango.

If your instrument is not one of the known ones, you can use the CMD() command to send instructions and receive what the instrument may say.
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