event not received after a device restart


I'd like to have your help on the following case.
I have two devices, A and B.
A subscribes for some attributes events on B. If B is restarted, at re-connection A is no more able to receive the events generated by the B device.
What I'm doing wrong? How can I resolve this issue?
I've tried subscribing for the INTERFACE_CHANGE_EVENT on device B, but it does not work (B does not implement any dynamic attribute/command).

Thanks in advance for you help.

Best regards,
Hi Elisabetta,
can you please provide some more information? Are you using C++ or python? Which version of Tango and 0MQ? Which version of Python?
Sorry, I forgot to specify I'm working with Python.
I faced this issue both with
PyTango 9.2.5-Tango 9.2.5 zmq 4.0.0 - python 3.5.3
and PyTango 9.3.0-Tango 9.3.3 zmq 5.2.2 python 3.7

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