Does pyTango support DevVarEncodedArray?

Hi everybody,

I am seeing this error when I start a pyTango device that is supposed to use an unbound array of DevEncoded values (DevVarEncodedArray):
    from tango import Except, DevState, AttrWriteType, DebugIt, Util, DevBoolean, DevEncoded, DevVarEncodedArray
ImportError: cannot import name 'DevVarEncodedArray' from 'tango' (/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/tango/

I suppose that this means that pyTango does not support DevVarEncodedArray?
Hi Thomas

You are correct - DevVarEncodedArray is missing from PyTango. It shouldn't be too hard to add, but requires some digging in the Boost extension layer.

Hi Anton,

Thanks for the quick response.

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