doc in property descriptor in pytango

Dear all,

I use version tango version 9.4.1 (pytango with conda). The Pogo created property descriptor does not have doc supplied to it even though the doc of that property can be found in classdoc. Is it possible to supply the doc also to the property directly?

It does not turn up in Jive Server Wizard unless this is done.

I tried to patch the docs at runtime by adding some functionality to _init_tango_device_klass() (parse class doc and supply found docstring to property instance's doc), however the last class in inheritance line is still missing the doc while showing in Jive Server Wizard.

if this is already fixed, could this be confirmed?

thanks for the report. I created an issue in the pogo repository here:

to keep trace of it.

I hope I understood well the problem, so that we can try fixing it. If you can share a small working (well not working in this case) example to help us track down the issue it would be great!

Are you using python or pythonHL by the way?

Thanks again and we'll try to fix it quickly.
I added some snippets to the issue. I use pythonHL.
Edited 2 months ago
I encountered the same issue.
I am happy to see that it has been posted and adressed already. smile
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