I am currently creating a device server that provides access to the Prosilica Gig-E cameras manufactured by Allied Vision. I am using the library vimba.
I want to know if the camera is in acquisition or not. But, in camera.py, there is only the is_streaming() function which returns False because I am not using asynchronous acquisition.

This is how I acquire frames:

            with Vimba.get_instance() as vimba :
with vimba.get_camera_by_id(self.IpAddress) as cam:
while self.runningGrab:
if self.attr_Mono8_read:
frame8 = cam.get_frame()
print("Conv pixel 8:", frame8.convert_pixel_format(PixelFormat.Mono8))
# "replaces the original vimba.Frame object with a numpy.ndarray"
self.buff8 = frame8.as_numpy_ndarray()
except Exception as e:
print('——-> Grabbing error from the camera error :', e)

I have tried to use
but it does not work and I got this error
'Camera' object has no attribute 'AcquisitionStatus'
Is there a way to know if the camera is grabbing regardless of the type of acquisition ?

I am also looking for the equivalent features to Inter Packet delay and Frame Transmission Delay (from Basler). Maybe, wait_for_frames() ?
PS: I use Prosilica GT1290.