Development of IMAQdx DS , some questions about best practice, e.g how publish of a cluster array

Dear Nicolas,
I made a VM with LV2021 in ordet to open suggested disto. But some clusters are missing.
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I copied the missing *.ctl from the current GitLab and saved project for LV2020. SingleDeviceDServer can be executed in Dev Env. As an exe it crashes without an error message.
Well it seems that the tool I'm using to convert the VIs from 2021 to any previous LabVIEW version missed the ctl. I have to check that. That said, I only gave a try to the distro for LV 2021 in dev. env. under Windows 10 before releasing it. I'm using the community edition and I'm not sure to be able to generate such an exe with that version. I also have to check that…
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Dear Nicolas, may I contact You per Email? Could You send me your address? My is
Ok. I send you a mail…
Alex, I finally figured out how to generate a .exe using the LV2021 community version (I think I have a tmp licence or something). Here is a binary version of the "data-ready event" example for Windows 10. It makes use of the latest version of the LabviewTangoTest.xmi file so you need to clone the lv2021+ branch of the gitlab repo to get it. All you need to run the executables is a properly configured LabviewSingleDeviceDServer/1 Tango device-server hosting an instance of the LabviewTangoTest class named labview/device/1. I guess you already have it in your Tango database. In this case, simply make sure that the PathToPogoXmiFile class property points to the latest version of the LabviewTangoTest.xmi.
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