HDB++ configuration GUI and archiving start

Hello everybody,
I am using the java HDB++ Configuration GUI to add attributes to an EventSubscriber. I noticed that, in the subscription panel, the "Start archiving" check box is enabled. When I disable the check box and press the "Subscribe" button, the attribute archiving is starting anyway.
In the GUI, is there a way to add an attribute for archiving without starting it at subscription time?
Thanks in advance,
sonia minolli
Hello Sonia,

We just have a solution here at LULI : we have Sonia* with us actually who just found that we can use the context values to manage the start/stop archiving when the context changes (without starting at the subscription).

For example, the attributes are set to "RUN" and event-subscriber is set to "SERVICE" during the configuration and when you want to start archiving, you just have to set event-subscriber's context to "RUN".

* : but Sonia is you! Thanks for your help, you did it!
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