EventSubscriber DS crashes


For some reason my hdb++es device server crashes after all RAM is cached by Linux.
I have the same situation with disk caching on the other VM with older Debian and Tango, but EventSubscriber works fine there, so I think it may be connected to my previous questions about Java packages, that were not noticed.

Here is the topic

How can I find out why DS is crashing, if everything is OK in the Tango logs?
How can I start archiving attributes after restarting ES DS, because they all become "stopped attributes"?

Pictures from older VM and newer VM are in the attachments.
ES Device server was compiled from the GitHub source code.
Edited 6 days ago
Hello Diego
Did you try to start your hdb++es from shell with -v5 option to know where it crashes ?

Hello Pascal.

I launched DS with -v5 option, it took about 4 days for server to crash again.
This is a very helpful option, but I've found only a couple of mentions about it - in the HDB++ description, one topic on the forum and some slides from Tango school. Shouldn't it be described somewhere in the main documentation, e.g. in the Developer's Guide?

Back to the topic - I received many "insert error" messages, during all DS lifetime. I haven't noticed it before, because I ran the DS in the background. All details are in the attached pictures.

Finally, the proccess was killed without any fall out message, and what is strange - output for command "free -m" tried to execute in the console. Yes, I've executed this command last week, but the DS crashed at 3.30 am on Sunday, so that's a mystery for me.

I've relaunched HDB++ES server and redirected debug output to the file and so far collected 600 MB of data since yesterday evening. I suppose that on Thursday or Friday the DS will be killed again, so I can upload the file somewhere for you to have a look.
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