Creating a Web application using Tango

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Tango framework.
We want to create a web based application which can fetch attributes from tango device server which is running at remote location.

Request help in following queries:

1) Can we create such web application using spring boot?
2) Can someone brief about creating it?
3) Can you please help with any document available ?

Thanks in advance.

There is a project called "Waltz" - a generic web frontend for Tango. It can be used as a platform to build custom Tango web applications as well.

There were a couple of workshops related to developing custom applications using Waltz.

Here are the links:

[1] Waltz –
[2] Developing custom application, part I –
[3] Developing custom application, part II –
[4] Overall Waltz documentation –
[5] Waltz workshop@SOLARIS –
[6] Waltz workshop@ESRF –

Please, note that Waltz v0.6 was used in these workshops. Current version (v0.7) differs a lot, so please keep this in mind.

Concerning spring boot - it is planned to make Waltz server side based on spring boot (v0.8 or v0.9)
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Thanks Ingvord.

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