BinTray is no more


All the published .JARs have been blown away by Bintray. Is there information on how to build all relevant jar files from sources on gitlab? Some of the javas don't seem to have made it over from github, nor can I find where some of them were in the first place.
Hi Amato,

FYI there is an HZG fork of JTango, hosted on GitHub i.e. maven GitHub repo. You are very welcome to use it: link

Just follow the README instructions to setup maven.

If any questions I am happy to answer.

Also you should be able to build any required jar using maven:

mvn package

Might require some fiddling though… you know, setup maven; resolve dependencies etc

Hope this helps.

JTango plans to move to GitLab this week. After that, we will release a new version and this version should be available in the: (aka Maven Central).

I will update this post base on our progress.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Best Regrads,
no worries! i'm in the midst of refactoring Tango-Source-Distribution library and will submit a PR updating the maven links when I get to that.
S2Innovation made a backup of the Bintray artifacts before the closure of Bintray and made them available using the following link:

This could be useful while waiting for a proper configuration of Bintray replacement.
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