Update zeromq to latest supported version 4.0.8 - or preferably the recommended 4.2.x


the zeromq version that tango supports is set at version 4.0.5.

This version is now very old (more than 2 years old) and deprecated by the zeromq community.

The supported version from the 4.0.x series is 4.0.8. The recommended version by zeromq is the 4.2.x series.

What is needed to update at least to 4.0.8, or, preferably to 4.2.x?
Normally, you can already use 4.2.x versions with the tango C++ library.
I think you only need to ensure you are using zmq.hpp file coming from cppzmq (cppzmq 4.3.0 should work) when compiling.
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