setting attribute quality to INVALID crashes server ?

Hello everybody,
while testing a new C++ devcie server, I noticed some crashes. The seem to related to setting the qalutiy factor to INVALID of a attributes which are configured generate change events.

The quality factor is set like this:

attr.set_quality(Tango::ATTR_INVALID, true);

Notice that the crash is not immediate, but tipically happens after calling set_quality tens, or even hundreds, of times.

tango version: tango-9.2.5a + omniorb-4.2.1 + zeromq-4.0.7
g++ 4.4 un ubuntu 10.04 / g++ 5.4.0 on ubuntu 16.04

Did any body experience a similar behaviour?

Hi Claudio,

I don't remember having seen anything like that.
Do you do exotic things in your server?
Can you reproduce the problem with a very simple server?
valgrind would probably be able to tell us more about the memory issues on your server/tango library (if you don't have big constraints with the timing).

Best regards,
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Corollary: The only software that's worth making is software that does something new.
I will write a small no-nonsense server and try to reproduce the crash. Good point.

Edited 2 years ago
I made some tests as suggested in the previous posts. No clear answer yet. A simple no-nonsense pure tango server does not crashes.
The server which crashes manges also threads. I must extend the tests.
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