Reading/Writing for Dynamic Attribute in CPP

Hi all,

I am currently working on Dynamic Attribute. But I don't know how to read/write particular dynamic attribute. I am looking for both CPP & JAVA.

Thank & Regards,
What don't you understand? If you need to implement dynamic attributes in your server you can find a Howto on this website:

If you need to read/write an attribute from a client it is the same as for a non-dynmaic attribute described in the documentation.

Pogo can help you generate dynamic attributes for your server in C++ and Java.

Hi Andy,

I know how to read/write value from/to attributes. I don't know what was going wrong with that code, however when I have implemented same stuff in new code, it is working fine.

In previous code, Attributes were created but it was like black box (exactly like when device is OFF). That's why I could not read/write attribute value.

Thanks & Regards,
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