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I'm new on TANGO and I don't know how to exactly use it. I have to make project on my classes which include one device (thermometer from PC).
At first I installed mysql and tango, than wrote server application and than made project in POGO:

I can compile it, run and manage in jive, but of course I can't read temp. I think I have to write functions "read" and "init_device", but is it all ? If yes, how to do this ?

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yes you need to implement the code which will read the tempeature and return it for the attribute temp. When you generate the source code you should have a method called read_temp(). Put your code in the. What device do you have? How is it connected to the computer? You need to get the value via the hardware interface and then return it as the value of the attribute. If you are stuck how to do this we can help you.

You can find some examples for attributes in the Getting started section of the manual:

Thanks for your reply!

My device at this moment is another PC with runnig simple application, which listen on port 10000 and send random number if asked.
But I still don't know how to run anything, I can't find simple tutorial what to do step-by-step to run any device.
What I did:
- install database
- install tango
- run pogo and generated code
- compile project (without addind any own code)
- run device ./Termometr 1
- add device to jive (but not sure if correctly)

And what should I do now, to connect with my device running at another PC ?
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