Dear all,

I'm trying to work with pipes but I have some problems. May be I've not fully understood as they work!.
I have developed a very simple Tango device with two pipes, one read/write (pipe_out) and one read only (pipe_in).
I have written a tango client that:
-> inserts data into the pipe_out. The pipe has several blob inside it
-> writes the pipe_out to the server
-> reads the pipe_in that should return one of the blob of pipe_out.

I would like to know if it is possible to extract the blob I want to return to the client and copy it directly into the pipe_in without extracting all the data packed in it.
For example, something like this (on server side):

write_pipe_out (){

DevicePipeBlob pdb;
pipe_out["Blob_of_interest"] >> pdb;
read_pipe_in () {

pipe_in << pdb;

Another problem I met is related to the extraction of arrays sent through a pipe. When the client read the pipe, the first few elements of the array have different values from those packed by the server into the pipe.
This odd behaviour seems related to the Tango data type used, for example it's not present if I use an array of strings.
Perhaps I'm doing something wrong!

Thanks in advance for your help!