Provide C++11 version of TANGO?

The last years I have worked on a new IDL to C++11 language mapping which greatly simplifies the development of any IDL based system. Would this something to look at for TANGO, the new binding is way easier, see for example these comparison and tutorial. We have free of charge evaluation versions of our IDL2C++11 implementation which is TAOX11.
Edited 2 years ago
Has someone already looked at the new C++11 binding. I also read about ideas to remove the CORBA dependency, but how much of that concern is based on the challenges of the C++ language mapping? We have done some interesting work as part of AXCIOMA where user code only sees local IDL and abstract the concrete communication middleware like CORBA, DDS, message queues, or what else. This is also the idea behind the Unified Component Model we are working on as part of the Object Management Group. In that approach business code can be written in a platform and communication middleware agnostic way.
Edited 3 years ago
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