Interacting with Modbus device class

Hello everyone.

I am trying to develop a Tango device server in C ++ to interact with the Modbus class (

The Tango device server I am developing has several scalar and spectrum attributes. When I read or write an attribute, I want to send a request to the Modbus device to execute the corresponding command. When receiving an answer, the attribute must accept the value read by Modbus.

I created class data member
Tango::DeviceProxy *ModbusDeviceServer.

ModbusDeviceServer = new Tango::DeviceProxy(modbusDevice)

modbusDevice - name of Modbus device server.

To execute any command I should use command_inout ():

For Modbus device commands such as ReadHoldingRegisters, ReadInputRegisters, PresetSingleRegister, PresetMultipleRegisters, the input argument is DevVarShortArray.
But I don't understand how to transfer DevVarShortArray using command_input().

Can someone give an example of this using command_inout () or suggest another way to interact with a Modbas device?

Hi Aleksei,

To send a DevVarShortArray, try this :

// command_inout requires a Tango::DeviceData and get a tango::Device data
Tango::DeviceData argToSendReadHoldingRegisters;
Tango::DeviceData answerReadHoldingRegisters;

// your argin / argout
Tango::DevVarShortArray argToSend;
const Tango::DevVarShortArray* answer;

// Setting parameters
argToSend[0] = 0; // send 0 and 100 as argument
argToSend[1] = 100;

// Put your DevVarShortArray into Tango::DeviceData
argToSendReadHoldingRegisters<< argToSend;

// Send
answerReadHoldingRegisters= ModbusDeviceServer->command_inout("ReadHoldingRegisters", argToSendReadHoldingRegisters);

// Get answer
answerReadHoldingRegisters >> answer;

Hope it helps.

For information, you have documentation on your Tango_root that is very hepful.


Florian Pourchayre
Thales Group
Hi Florian,

Thank you very much for your answer! You helped me a lot!

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