Generating doxygen documentation


I'm currently using this site for browsing the tango doxygen documentation.

There seems to be some stuff missing, e.g. tango client side, and it is also not up to date.

How can I regenerate this locally?
I've checked the repository, but the only thing I found,
./api/cpp/cppapi/trunk/doxygen/Doxyfile, did not work out of the box.

Hi t-b

For C++, all the Tango client side is documented in the so-called Tango book available here chapter 6.
All new development are done within branches and this is why the Doxyfile you found in api/cpp/cppapi/trunk/.. is an old one.

Good luck

Hi Emmanuel,

I'm already using the tango book. I just prefer doxygens html, as I use it for all my projects.


PS: api/cpp/cppapi/branches/Tango_900/doxygen looks like it is up to date.
The site you mentioned has been updated for version 9.1.0:

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