Change logging level

Dear all,

I would like to configure my Tango device to log on different targets: a device and a file.
I would like to configure the two targets with different logging levels: for example WARN for the device and DEBUG for the file.
Is this possible?
I have seen that while I can change the file appender layout, it seems not possible to do the same for the logging level.

Thanks in advance

Dear Elisabetta,

I'm also a Tango novice, and would like to share my learning using Tango with Java.

Yes, you are right in mentioning that it is not possible to change the logging level for different targets.
Anyways, it is possible to log to multiple targets (file and a device) with the same logging level.

I would recommend you to read Sections 3.5, 6.3, A.1.5, A.9 & A.12.3.2 of the Tango 9.1 manual.

Kind regards,
Dear Jyotin

thanks for your answer.
I already use two different targets for the default logger, but I'm interested in logging on each target with different
levels: one less verbose on the device and one more verbose on the local file.
As you correctly say, this is not possible.


Hi Elisabetta,

Have you tried TLS for multiple targets with different logging level? Because I am also doing same thing in PyTango but not working.

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