Can't compile device

Hi, I'm new to Tango.

After installing necessary things, I've started the test device server tangotest, and successfully monitored and tested it. However, then I tried to compile it from command window by typing

After that Visual Studio (2013) has opened, and after I had started debugging, there were five errors saying that file 'tango.h' is mising:

error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'tango.h': No such file or directory

By the way, I added in PATH enviroment %TANGO_ROOT%\win64\lib\vc12_dll, where are dll and lib files for log4tango, omniORB, omnithread, tango and zmqd.

What have I missed so 'tango.h' is not linked with the rest of project?
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Hi Dusan,

Just add %TANGO_ROOT%\win64\include\vc12 in the Additional Include Directories list for your project in the Visual Studio (not in the PATH environment variable) and your project will get compiled.

That helped, I successfully compiled the TangoTest device. Thank you very much!

Two more questions:

1. I've include %TANGO_ROOT%\win64\lib\vc12 in the Additional Include Directories for Linker, but I haven't linked anywhere directory %TANGO_ROOT%\win64\lib\vc12_dll, in which are dll files. Should I also include somewhere these files or lib file implements dll files into project?

2. After I compile the code, my device will have behave like i implemented in code. Should I compile code only once, or I should compile device every time I start the device server (supose the code wasn't changed). I think it's enough to compile it once, but I just want to be sure. :)
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good that you got this far - the hardest step is done!

Now you need to declare the device server in the database Jive with at least one device and then start the device server executable with the "instance name"as argument on the command line. Instance name is the one you gave when you declared the device server in Jive. You will then have a device server running with the device available to be accessed by any Tango client. Jive is a very good test client.

Of course you need to have the Tango database running and the TANGO_HOST appropriately set.

You can find some more help in the documentation:

Hope that helps.


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