C++ device simulation

Dear all

Is there a general tool for simulate tango device writed in c++ ?

In development environment, we don't have all hardware(e.g. ccd, step moter, oscilloscope, PLC, …) to run system, so i have to simulate tango device, is there a general solution?

Many thanks for your help

I am only aware of a generic tool for simulation in Python: https://github.com/ska-sa/tango-simlib

The library was presented at the Tango meeting last week by Lize. You can find all the talks here:



Thank Andy,

It look like a good solution, i will try it.
Hi Jimmy

The tango-simlib package is written in Python, but can simulate any device. It is under development and we can help you to get going and expand it to your needs as necessary.

The developers are here on the Tango forum (neilen,kellerman,javas), but I do not know how to reference them directly in this message.

Best regards
Hi Lize,


I have a problem to install packages in pip-build-requirements.txt, i do not know where to get katcore and katproxy

pip install enum nose_xunitmp pkginfo katcp

thanks for you help
Edited 2 years ago
Hi Jimmy

FYI: The library is also available on PYPI, you can just

pip install tango-simlib

Or otherwise we just merged a PR that solves your issue. The requirement file is not required anymore, all mandatory requirements are included in the setup.py file (this excludes katcore and katproxy).

Go ahead and perform the installation.

Feel free to keep in contact if you experience any hurdles.

Best regards
Edited 2 years ago
Hi Jimmy,

We don't really need those two packages to install the tango-simlib package. They have been removed from the pip-build-requirements.txt file.

Please do a git pull to update your master branch to get the new changes.

Kind regards,
K. Madisa
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