Major release V9

TANGO V9 released in September 2015 (download). This release implements a number of significant new features requested by the community. The most significant ones are:

  • Pipes - a new communication channel for exchanging mixed data types
  • Forwarded attributes - linking of attributes via the database without code
  • Enumerated data types - enum types for restricting the values of attributes
  • Dynamic commands - like dynamic attributes are now implemented in C++ too
  • Interface change event - informs clients of a change in the device interface
  • Polling algorithm - implemented a new polling algorithm which uses read_attributes() to read multiple attributes

Refer to the file for details of all the many other smaller feature requests and bug fixes have been implemented.


The C++ and Java libraries have been released (latest version is 9.2.2). A pre-release of PyTango9 is available on Github. PyTango9 is still missing forward attributes, dynamic commands, writing to pipes and interface change event.

Previous Major releases

  • V8 (07/2012) - Device_4 - replaced omniNotify events with zeromq events
  • V7 (04/2009) - Device_4 - added device locking, efficient transfer of attributes data, atomic write_read
  • V6 (06/2007) - Device_3 - ported to omniORB 4.1
  • V5 (01/2005) - Device_3 - added new model for to coinge attributes
  • V4 (03/2004) - Device_2 - added events
  • V3 (06/2003) - Device_2 - added logging, serialisation, asynchronism
  • V2 (04/2002) - Device_2 - added polling mechanism
  • V1 (10/1999) - Device_1 - original version