The following points have been discussed:

Tango foundation

The EC gives a green light to ESRF to do a study of what could be the status of a Tango foundation. A precise proposal has to be written by ESRF and presented to the community and EC members. The EC agrees with the principle but it reserves the right to disagree with the details of the proposal. A draft of the proposal will be sent to institutes to be studied by the institutes lawyers before the next Tango meeting.

Tango logo

The EC follows the community choice. The selected logo is proposal 9.


Tango@icalepcs2013 in San-Francisco

Alain (Soleil) and Andy (ESRF) will organize the Tango workshop to be held the Sunday before the official Icalepcs start. It should focus on Tango evangelization

Welcome ANKA

The EC unanimously accepts the request of ANKA to become the ninth member of the Tango collaboration. ANKA will join the EC with the role of contributor.

Taurus on SourceForge

It has been agreed that Taurus be moved from the Tango-cs SourceForge project repository to either the Sardana repository or its own repository

Tango collaboration coordinator

Emmanuel (ESRF) has expressed his wish to resign from this role. The EC needs to find a new "volunteer". In the future it is hoped that most of the work assigned to this "position" can in one way or another be transferred to the foundation.

Next Tango meeting

The next Tango meeting will be organized by ESRF in March or April 2014
A room will be reserved the afternoon before the Tango meeting for a Sardana satellite meeting