The following points have been discussed:

Tango foundation

The EC gives a green light to ESRF to continue on defining what could be the statutes of a Tango foundation (in the framework of the gravit project). Once the statutes will have been more precisely defined, they will be given to each institute in order to be checked by institute lawyers

FP 7 - IC10

Andy Will go to Brussels to discuss if Tango could fit in one of the EU call proposal. Solaris (Piotr) and Elettra (Claudio) will help Andy to find in which calls Tango has a chance to be accepted. Alba would like to have Sardana included in  the call if it fits well. Andy will send a mail around to keep us informed.

Tango 9 features

Accepted by the EC after some re-design of the enumeration labels propagation (for the new enumerated attribute data type) in case they are modified by some clients.
There was a request for a new feature looking like a "service discovery" but today, it's not in the plan of future  kernel development.

Tango-ds repositories

The EC ask Jean-Michel to continue this useful work. It is accepted that each institute member of the collaboration has to nominate a contact person to help Jean-Michel. Two remarks from the EC related to IP:

Pogo has to be modified to allow user to choose a licensing model and generates appropriate files header
Special care has to be taken about IP of supplier code in case it is stored in the Tango-ds repositories

Pink site and Forum

The EC agrreed that Krister (MAX IV) works on modifying/improving the pink site
If required, Alba accepts to install and backup a Forum product to be used as a mailing list replacement. Forum configuration - moderation will be done by Max IV (Krister) and/or ESRF (Emmanuel)

Standard interfaces

The Tango-ds wiki will be used to discuss Tango standard interfaces. A page on the pink site will be created to re-direct people interested by this subject to the wiki. Piotr proposed to prepare a template of the standard interface document.
Once an agreement will be found, Pogo will by default propose them to the Tango class developper.

Tango logo

Due to IP issues, the Tango logo has be changed. A "call for Logo" will be sent on the mailing list. A final decision will be made during the next Tango meeting

Tango@icalepcs2013 in San-Francisco

The EC decided to continue organizing a Tango workshop the day before the Icalepcs conference. This time, it could be organized as a complete Tango project with a Tango class development written during the morning session (using Arduino and Android hardware) and Sardana during the afternoon.

Next Tango meeting

Tango meeting should be organized every 9 months and should have a duration of 2 full days

The next Tango meeting will be organized by Alba in June 2013