Minutes of the Executive Committee meeting which took place the 20th of May 2015 in Krakow

The following points have been discussed:

New collaboration contract:

  • The ESRF representative presented the new TANGO collaboration contract. The proposal is that  all the collaboration members sign a unique collaboration contract with ESRF. ESRF shall coordinate and chair the Tango collaboration. We studies one by one all the articles of the proposed contract. The discussions raized several issues that need to be approved by the legal representative of each institution.
  • Decision: ESRF propose a modified version by 2 weeks then each member should send it's feedback to ESRF by end of June. ESRF will propose a version acceptable by all parties by end of summer. The final goal is th have the contract signed by all the parties by end of 2015 to start the official activities in January 2016

Icalepcs 2015 TANGO workshop:

  • We anticipate a high audience of beginers belonging to the adotion of TANGO by SKA project. We discussed about the program and the contributors.
  • Decision: Several institutes proposed their contribution. Esrf will prepare a program and we will iterate on the contents

Archiving solutions: Clarify the strategy and the communication

  • There is an official Tango HDB developped  by Soleil. This system stays the official supported solution.
  • The HDB++ initiative started by ESRF and ELETTRA is in development phase.
  • Decision: It is an official project endorsed by all the collaboration. Soleil is ready to contribute to the project and ask to improve the compatibility between the 2 systems. The extraction tools could be compatible with both systems
  • Soleil propose to host the next HDB++ meeting.

Collaboration operation issues.

  • Max4 informs that Vincent Hardion replaces Darren Spruce as official representative of Max4
  • Szeged university informs that Peter Hegedùs replacesTibor Gyimòthy  as official representative of Szeged university
  • It is agreed that JM Chaize continue to be the collaboration coordinator
  • new web site management:
    • An editorial board composed by an editor per institute will be built.
    • A new job advert page will be created
    • We ask every institution to submit news

Next Tango meeting​

  • It has been decided to limit the duration of the meeting to 4 1/2days instead of 6 and to give more time (half a day) to the Executive committee.  The proposed frame would be
    • 1st day morning: executive Committee meeting
    • 1st day afternoon: Plenary meeting
    • 2nd day full day plenary session
    • 3rd day morning: last plenary discussions and wrap-out.

This gives the possibility for everyone to arrive with a morning flight and to have a flight back in the afternoon without cutting the last talks.  Only the executive committee members will have to be present the day before.

Proposed location: We propose to organize the next meeting in may 2016 at Toulouse in France, We will propose ONERA the French Aerospace lab to organize it. If they don't accept, we will propose another location.