Size of existing TANGO projects

In the same perspective, I've got the attached table filled some time ago. Not fresh numbers, however.
All of these are served by one Tango database server with one backup server.

Hi Andy,

Thanks to you, Pascal and Lorenzo for the in-depth calculations. Such statistics are helpful.

As I see, there are two different Scalability concerns:
1) Scalability of TANGO database, and
2) Scalability of the Archiving solution, i.e., HDB++ Archiving Solution in TANGO ecosystem.

If I am not mistaken, Nick's response was mainly from the Archival perspective. Write operations statistics such as one HDB++ Event Subscriber archiving "X" number of attributes per second and similar statistics for read operations at ESRF and other projects will help.

Kind regards,
Edited 3 months ago
Hi Jyotin,

you are right. We are missing a tool which measures the limits of the archiving system. Nick has been asking for this since a while. It would be good to have one.

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