Device class to control GPIO of RaspberryPI

Dear Jens,

thanks a lot! I let Piotr explain to you how to upload the xmi file. Firstly do you have one? If not you should generate one with pogo.


Yet, it looked a bit messy having it all in the Class Description heading, how do I do it with the XMI?
Hi Jens,

You may use Pogo to generate the file or try to use this script: It is part of catalogue import utility. Unfortunately it is not well documented yet (my fault :'( ) but you may see its 'main' section how to use it.

In general it provides a function to do the job:
get_xmi_from_python(name, family, python_file_url, element = None)

Then, when you select .XMI upload option you may upload .xmi file:

Best regards,
P.S.1 Thank you for using the catalogue smile
P.S.2 If you need I may help you in importing of MAX-IV DSs to the catalogue.
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Hi all!

Thanks for the info. I will try generating the xmi using the script. If successful I'll re-upload the class to the classes catalogue and remove my previous upload. Piotr - we are interested in importing MAX-IV DSs to the catalogue, please contact my team leader Vincent (hardion) for the details.

All the best, thanks
Thanks for the info. I will try generating the xmi using the script.
I have just found that your device server is using a high level api. At this moment the xmi generation script is not supporting Device HL api. I am putting this on my to-do list.

Br. Piotr
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